About Me

My name is Victoria and I have been working with animals for over 18 years, starting life as a Veterinary Assistant in 1993. I began dog grooming 2 years later when a dog grooming salon was opened above the vets and I was immediately hooked.

15 years on and I am now a fully qualified dog groomer with a diploma in animal care. I can trim all dogs to breed standard and keep fresh and up to date by attending seminars and demonstrations. But I love being creative so bring your ideas!

My nursing background has given me a gentle, confidence when handling dogs, which makes me especially good with dogs who have special needs, such as the elderly or dogs with physical limitations. I handle with care and provide a soothing and relaxed experience as well as the grooming skills that produce consistently beautiful results.


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“It’s brilliant watching dogs jump around and showing off

 after they have been groomed, it never gets old”.